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Zag Skis - An introduction

Written by Dan Morgan, Thursday, 30 September 2004

Zag Skis - Do not be shocked if for you the words ‘Zag’ & ‘Ski’ have never been synonymous before, but they soon will be, believe us.

Born in January 2002, Zag Skis is the product of Stephane “ZAG” Radiguet, the ski/snowboard pioneer/competitor/designer.  It appears after years of snowboard design, Stephane turned his attention to creating what he could not find in the racks.

The offering for winter 2004/2005 consists exclusively of a freeride/backcountry lineup, which is detailed below.

How do they ride? We will soon be able to tell you, as Ski-Review is represented at Zag’s pre-season test, starting (at the time of writing) tomorrow, from the 2nd of October until the 10th.

Here is a Zag taster in the meantime (manufacturer description, check back soon for our own opinions):

Zag Skis 2004/2005

FS BC (Freestyle Backcountry)

“A newcomer to Zag Skis collection, this model continues the same innovative ski shape and different design. We decided to add a freestyle backcountry model, which gives you the same combination of short side cut radius, not only long and oversize spoonhape tips, but also the same features on tail. Freestyle Backcountry will take you to park and pipe, hit kickers, absorb your landings, pop rocks and ride switch even on powder. This ski is good for its all-mountain ability, from park to backcountry.”

Available in the following lengths: 160-172-184

Freeride 75

“The Freeride 75 is the narrowest of the models, having its waist 75 mm. Thanks in part of their unusually long (220-230mm) and wide (125mm) tips, the Freeride 75 series are equally at home both off-piste and on-piste. The snowboard influence is most evident from the amazing ease and response of the skis in deep snow and over crud. The ski element allows them to rejoin the piste with perfect precision, even in the iciest conditions. Offering top performance in every category, these are the true all-mountain skis, bar none.”

Available in the following lengths: 157-167-177-187

Freeride Big 84

“84 mm underfoot, Big 84 is the perfect ski for tearing up the backcountry. The big brother of Freeride 75 model, Big 84 has longer (240 mm) and wider (134 mm) tips, offering more flotation than most “fat” skis on the market, and being so perfectly balanced, the “Big Zags” are simply outstanding off-piste. However, they are also superb on-piste, thanks to their unique design, which also incorpotes plenty of side-cut, unlike many of the off-piste “planks” on the market. The choice of professional ski guides, these Zag Skis are the perfect all-in-one skis for the discerning skier always hoping for that perfect champagne powder day but ready to take whatever is on offer. big mountain freeride ski for all conditions.”

Available in the following lengths: 168-179-188

Freeride Gold 93

“The Gold family grows this year with 3 new lengths. With tips of over 140mm wide and 93mm under foot, the Freeride Gold is destined for special powder days. This Zag ski brings a new standard to the market, offering not simply huge flotation, but also supreme balance, in the deepest of snows. In keeping with the Zag concept, this ski also offers astonishing performance on-piste, despite its significant width. This is a limited edition ski reserved for “Big” conditions!”

Available in the following lengths: 171-181-191-201

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