4FRNT 15/16 Hoji W 2018 Ski Review

4FRNT 15/16 Hoji W 2018 ski image

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Ski Statistics - Length (cm) / Sidecut (mm) / Radius (m)

171 / 127-112-119 / 30
179 / 129-112-120 / 30
187 / 130-112-121 / 30

Manufacturer's Description

The women’s skis should be noodily dumbed-down versions of a men’s ski.  The Hoji W illustrates this belief by delivering a powerful women’s ski that handles big lines efficiently, just like the women who rip them.  The ReflectTech™ and VibeVeil™ produce a ride that’ll make you think twice about fully rockered skis. In fact, 4FRNT’s don’t think you’ll ever look back. The ContourCore™ puts you over the sweet spot which inspires confidence and stronger turn initiation.  To those ladies looking to charge hard, look no further than the Hoji W.

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