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4FRNT YLE 2013 Ski Review

4FRNT YLE 2013

Ski Statistics - Length (cm) / Sidecut (mm) / Radius (m)

187 / 140-119-140 / 25
177 / 138-118-138 / 24

Manufacturer's Description

With Wiley Miller’s signature ski, we set out to create a backcountry park ski. When we finished the design of the YLE, we had created a ski that was so much more than that. Designed to be symmetrical, and mounted close to center, the YLE gives you the low-swing weight, sidecut and switch skiing performance of a park ski. The nearly 120mm waist paired with rocker in the tip and tail gives you all the performance you need for skiing every condition off the beaten path. The skis provide a solid platform for stomping landings no matter if it’s snowed two feet overnight, or you’re a week out from your last storm. The YLE stays true to Wiley’s skiing roots of skiing the Montana backcountry.

“The YLE excels on everything from park, crud, and ice, to pow, bc jumps and big lines. The only decision I had to make was what size to be on? I ride the 177 in park, smaller bc jumps, features, resort crusing, etc, and the 187 on bigger lines, and basically faster, bigger skiing in general. I designed the YLE to be symmetrical, meaning you can ski it switch as comfortably as forwards. I like having also more tail behind me when landing airs. If one chooses to take a spin off a cat track, bump or jump, the ski offers a low swing weight. Although you may be skiing a 187 the swing weight is more balanced than if you where to be skiing a 187 mounted 7cm’s back from true center.”

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