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Amplid A 10/30 2015 Ski Review

Amplid A 10/30 2015

Ski Statistics - Length (cm) / Sidecut (mm) / Radius (m)

191 / 142-126-130 / 30

Manufacturer's Description

If there’s powder up at Spitzingsee, I’m lapping it. If there’s fresh snow in the backcountry, I’m skinning for it. I need a lightweight ski that’s powerful and rewarding with the accessibility of the latest generation of freeride skis. The A10/30’s shape is completely new geometry which is right up to date; it blends plenty of surface area with a manageable running length. The success of Amplid’s ski the Rockwell has completely convinced me of the benefits of the 5dim shaping concept… my ski is undeniably 5dim! With a good measure of early rise in the tips the A10/30 is a lot easier to ski than my old favourite the Infrablack ever was, but all that legendary performance and control is still on tap. The tail of the ski is almost flat, which in my experience really makes the most of the skis running length for grip, control and stability. To strip some weight for less gruelling touring I chose to give the A10/30 the HEXO2 treatment. The ski is long (191cm) and fat (126mm waist), so removing as much weight as possible, with honeycomb inserts and HexMat pre-preg glass, was an important design feature. Until I join the spandex clan, foam is something that can stay on the top of my Weissbier, not in a ski core. Lastly, I don’t like to get stuck on the flat sections and with my background in racing I’m a sucker for good glide, so having the fastest base on the market wasn’t even up for debate… come on, this is my dream ski!”

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