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Ski Statistics - Length (cm) / Sidecut (mm) / Radius (m)

175 / 128-95-118 / 13
182 / 128-95-118 / 14.4

Manufacturer's Description

Amplid’s solved the “if you could only take one ski” question years ago, with the Rockwell. Peak to park the Rockwell has convinced thousands of skiers that one ski is truly capable of demoting an entire quiver to storage.

Its logic-defying geometry bypasses the conventional rules of ski design and stitches together the cranky sidecut and short running length of a resort carver with the surface area and smooth early-rise tips of a powder ski. Reactive and secure on its edges, and lofty in 3D snowpack, the Rockwell has the broadest performance range of any ski in Amplid’s range.

New for the 17/18 winter, Carbon Pop Band reinforcement adds some extra snap, crackle and pop to make the Rockwells even more energized and exhilarating.

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Amplid Rockwell 2018
Amplid Rockwell 2018
Written by Chet Bentler on 01/02

Skier Height: 5"10’ Skier Weight: 70kgs Skier Ability: 20 years / expert Ski length Tested: 175

Ski Review: The most fun I have ever had on skis. They turn like a slalom racer, float when they shouldn’t, and are so playful, light and poppy all over the mountain. I’ve been skiing these for a week now and there is no other ski I’d rather take to the hill than the Rockwell. There is always going to be a better specialist tool for a powder day, or hitting the hard pack, but as a one ski package, these do pretty much everything at 90%. They are rad!

Amplid Rockwell 2018
Written by Ted on 01/06

Skier Height: Tall Skier Weight: Average Skier Ability: 40 years Ski length Tested: 182

Ski Review: Now on my second pair mainly due to wanting the sintered based on the newer versions. The Rockwell transformed my traditional skiing style honed in 40 years on the hill into something I enjoy 10 times as much that gets me out 2 times more than before. They are just fun and feel like I have clouds on my feet. They are precise when you want them to be, carve like my race skis, never catch and can be skied hard or not depending on mood. They don’t suit my mountain aesthetic and Amplid probably hate an almost elderly gentlemen being their ambassador but I thank them.

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