Armada Pipe Cleaner 2007 Ski Review

Model: Armada Pipe Cleaner (2007)
Size(cm) / Radius(m): 166/? 171/? 176/? 181/?
Sidecut: 114-82-104 (166) / 115-83-105 (171) / 116-84-106 (176) / 117-85-107 (181)

Manufacturer’s Description of the Armada Pipe Cleaner:

"The newest model to the Armada line, the Pipe Cleaner has been behind closed doors for over a year. Once exclusively used by the pro-team in major pipe competitions, the ski is now offered to everyone. The Pipe Cleaner closely resembles the general make up of the AR6. However, this model takes the speed and materials performance of the AR6 to a new level, at a slightly reduced dimension and weight. We made the P.C. the fastest ski in the Armada fleet by incorporating a high-grade die-cut race base, making it ideal for those looking to boost out of the pipe. Not to be limited in its scope, the construction characteristics of this model make it an equally as impressive all mountain ski for those demanding top-notch materials, and a standard width under boot. Lively, agile and light weight; the Pipe Cleaner is a fusion of the AR6 in terms of dimensions, ARV in terms of all mountain versatility, and a downhill race ski in terms of its speed. This formula has provided a number of super pipe podiums at high profile competitions around the world for the past couple of years. The P.C. will be released in a super limited global production run."

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Armada Pipe Cleaner 2007
Armada Pipe Cleaner 2007
Written by xcjamie on 11/20

A new ski from Armada that was used by pros for competitions the past couple years.  Similar to the AR6 but a little smaller and lighter.  This ski kills in the pipe and park but is also versatile.  Only limited production though so get your hands on them quick.

Armada Pipe Cleaner gear review by ?xcjamie?

Armada Pipe Cleaner 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 11/20

Basically the same ski as the AR6 but made for the pipe in mind with a softer and faster base.

Armada Pipe Cleaner gear review by Brian

Armada Pipe Cleaner 2007
Written by Chase Scarff on 03/10

Skier Height:  5’10 Skier Weight:  175lbs Skier Ability:  way better than u braaa Ski length Tested: Owned 180cm This was my 1st year not racing for Cmac after 11 years and really my 1st dedicated park ski. Prior to 07’ I had been rippin race boards thru park at every race. A homie & I would loose a ski DNF or eat shit, never on purpose, but usually get up with shit eating grin dip out for park laps. SO any time we raced mt hood,Timberline or Medows, Mt. Bachelor, Stevens, Shwitzer ID., Big Sky, White pass, Alpental, JacksonHole, Squawllywood and everywhere in between lets just say I had no clue how fast those things were because I was used to the speed. But looking back I ripped the fhuck outta those boards in all crud chunder pow of course hard pack and pipe. I am only now writing this because I was trying to see if any one was by chance selling a pair some where some how because I would love to buy another pair. The Armada Pipe Cleaner was very true to its name. They weren’t a soft ski but they had a distinct flex. And when you load the Pipe Cleaner up and lean ALL the way over like it was hard pack but in chunder gnar gnar and u could trust it to pull you out other side or in the pipe the ski gets so loaded carving pipe it launches you on every wall and the higher up off the 18-22’ half pipe you get you send it further down the pipe wall to catch the tranny so it was fun trying to stay on rails & carve whole pipe with out scrubbing speed but you start to want to pull a shoot or holler at chaMOMs. I even streeted these, and I know thats what destroyed them but skied them for 2+ seasons and honestly the skis still had some left. It was my Salomon STH binding the toe piece couldn’t hold on to the boot past mach 3 and anything mach 3+ with anything off turf that starts with chun and ends with Der its either a yard sale or clean up on ile 1plz tomahawk kinda thang going down earth sky earth sky earth sky… So all in all great board on turf or off from the pacific northwest i give them a 10 out of 10 because i dont remember ever getting to the bottom of a run and going wow I’m on the wrong pair of boards, they are fast as hell,  stable and comfy like a benz on the autobahn with the right amount of flex I had them mounted dead center so you could carve switch just as easy as fwd. Just a fun as hell ski that i thoroughly enjoyed and miss 15 years later, O the good ol’ days….. Cant help but miss those thugged out days with tall T’s, Mac dre beatin, with cold beers and hot laps thru the Timberline park in spring circa 07’-09’.

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