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Black Crows Orb 2014 Ski Review

Black Crows Orb 2014

Ski Statistics - Length (cm) / Sidecut (mm) / Radius (m)

168 / 123-90-112 / 15
179 / 123-90-114 / 18
186.2 / 123-90-114 / 20

Manufacturer's Description

authentic - alpine - performance

The all mountain version of the orb is a genuine all round ski.  A formidable mountain tool, this mid-fat ski is just as comfortable on smooth snow as in variable or windblown conditions.  The orb is a solid trustworthy ski suitable for any type of skiing.
A long bow camber and a double ray sidecut with a 90 mm waist width, it combines accessibilty and manoeuvrability.  A great all-round lively ski, the orb looks like a freerider with it’s tip of between 123 and 125 mm wide, yet loves dynamic carving with a great rebound on hard snow thanks to it’s traditional camber.  Very responsive with incomparable turning precision, this ski is strongly advised for passionate all-mountain skiers.
‘What’s interesting about a 90 mm waist width and a double ray sidecut, is that it feels like an alpine ski on the piste, yet with an amazing float in powder.  The orb allows you to ski aggressively on hard snow and still enjoy the deep bluebird powder days.  If we had seen this ski in the lift line a few years ago, we would have asked “Wow, what’s that enormous ski?”, that’s no longer the case today, but it’s versability is unrivalled.’ Camille Jaccoux

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