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Blizzard Magnum 8.7 IQ-Max 2010 Ski Review

I own the Blizzard Magnum 8.7 and by now (3/10/2011) I have one year of experience on these skis. I like to ski out back, steep couloirs, natural snow, western steep tree runs, deep pow and also high speed carve turns on the eastern and western groomers.

Blizzard Magnum 8.7 IQ-Max 2010

Ski Statistics - Length (cm) / Sidecut (mm) / Radius (m)

167 / 128-87-113 / 18.5
174 / / 18.5
181 / / 18.5

Manufacturer's Description

Never worry about skiing conditions again. The Magnum 8.7 IQ-MAX can handle anything. This remarkably versatile ski employs a sturdy construction for those who want to explore the off-piste on their favorite mountain, if it‘s powder, tracked or even groomed. The Sidewall Construction is seamlessly merged into Blizzard’s unique brand-new IQ-MAX System. The Powerframe Technology and development of the 3D suspension control allows the ski to flex smoothly in all snow conditions. The result is reliability with power and edge grip

Ski Review's Verdict:

I am 5’8’’ 145 lb. moderately aggressive, all mountain skier – Level 9-10.

I was looking for a pair of ski with better carving capability and quicker edge action than my Volkl Mantra ( 177 cm , 130-94-113 mm, R23m) without sacrificing other qualities except perhaps deep back-country pow.

I didn’t find it in the Volkl line but ironically, in Blizzard, Magnum 8.7 ( 174cm, 128-87-113 mm , R18.5m, IQ integrated binding).

Blizzard Magnum are stiff GS racing-like skis. What made this ski stand out among all the other all mountains / big mountain mid fat skis was its balance, stability and versatility at high performance level.

If you like to finesse the edge, move from carve to skid at any part of the turn, adjust the amount of skid or radius and speed of carve at will, this ski is for you!

What ever snow condition you are on, on piste or on off piste crud, it would feel smooth and stable like you are on groomer. Not once I felt off balance – well may be a couple of times in the irregular icy bumps in Killington tree runs. They are not good on icy bumps.  No matter what I tried, taking air in the park, the spring bumps, the frozen rutted crud from rain fall two days ago, the alternating ice and pile in Saturday afternoon in Killington, hitting an unexpected roll at high speed ( 40-50 mph ), carved long turn, I remain centered, balanced and stable. They always went where I wanted them to go. That is a lot to say about a pair of skis!

This ski carves beautifully and moves from turn to turn with great ease and good rebound but with no unexpected exaggerated reaction. In this regard it is very similar to my 183 cm. Volkl GS Racing skis but with better stability in the crud although not as quick and easy at edge change. This was what attracted me to them when I first tried them. But then I fell in love with its balance, stability and versatility.
The edge grip on icy hard pack East Coast conditions is exceptional.

I haven’t tried them in a foot or so of fresh untracked snow on Easter previously groomed slopes and they are very good. Especially good when in an hour everything is cut up into crud. I have not tried them in back country powder where there is no firm base. These are great high performance skis, a real confidence builder for advanced skier who wants to have fun when performing at high level and high speed.

Happy turning folks.

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