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Dynastar Legend Sultan 94 2011 Ski Review

They’re big and wide with a 17m radius, so they cruise just about anywhere with the ability to make some very impressive arcs. Full vertical sidewalls and built like real race boards, the 94 is the Formula One version of “big mountain skis”.

Dynastar Legend Sultan 94 2011

Ski Statistics - Length (cm) / Sidecut (mm) / Radius (m)

165 / 132-94-118 / 15
172 / 132-94-118 / 17
178 / 132-94-118 / 18
184 / 132-94-118 / 20
189 / 132-94-118 / 22

Manufacturer's Description

Excellent float capacity, unbeatable stability and control: Wide freeride waist Fluidity: the wide, progressive tip floats on all types of snow Stable and soft on hardpack, with superior edge grip: sandwich construction with a wood core and Titanal sheets, full-length sidewalls, lighter weight, metal tip protection.

Ski Review's Verdict:

While skiers who never get out of the hard pack and groomers should probably seek other choices, the expert who craves the deeper and steeper will love the power and authority that the big Sultan brings to the category. The Sultan 85 is a favourite with some of our test team (the 85’s shape and dimensions still make more sense for less than true powder days).

The 94 would be a sure bet as another favourite with our testers, if only we lived in BC, or Utah, or Colorado or Eastern Quebec or Montana or Wyoming (fill in your own powder heaven choices here).

You get the idea…these are BIG mountain expert skis for BIG mountain expert skiers.

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Dynastar Legend Sultan 94 2011
Dynastar Legend Sultan 94 2011
Written by Jester is Dead on 01/05

30 year old intermediate to advanced skier. 5’10 and 170lb. Tested the 178 with demo bindings. For the last 10 years I have been a piste hound, laying gouges in the snow with stupidly stiff and relatively short carving skis but for the last couple of years I have been heading more and more towards the backcountry on a variety of skis but never settling on the “one”.

Dynastar’s Sultan 94 is a brand new ski for 2011, though has obvious similarities to the rest of the Sultan line up and I took it out on a glorious early December day. Conditions were approximately a foot of fresh powder everywhere off piste, fresh lines available all day from the lifts. Soft snow on the pistes with light bumps forming in places, but very “carve friendly”.

The Sultan 94 is a pretty burly ski at 94mm underfoot, 132mm tips and 118mm tails an 18m radius @ 178. Conventional camber underfoot with early rise rockered tips and tails (very little). I was very happy to see full sidewalls and a quick base as for all the powder in the world we all love to rail turns at speed on the way back, and the sidecut on these certainly suggest the ability to turn short.

In the deeper snow, the 94’s are insane - quick to come round, super easy turn initiation if you get forwards on them. After one tree run, these really were point and go, without any of the slight hesitation I sometimes get in the less predictable runs of tightly packed trees. I really enjoyed the extra width in the 94’s compared to something similar like the Rossignol Bandit 80 I skied for a week last year.

The 178 skis a good few cms shorter on the harder stuff due to the early rise tips and tails, and these really flew round the arcs considering their width. Length wise I think I picked the best choice for my weight and height combo, as they were great on groomers in carved turns (any radius), plenty stiff enough and they still felt stable at all but top speeds but nimble enough in the trees and off piste. Relatively fat skis are still enough of a revelation to me not to worry about them being a bit short to tackle steeper fast lines and I enjoy upping technique and focus to ensure I am perfectly positioned.

It sounds like a lot of ski, but Dynastar’s Sultan 94 gets top marks from me for an every day gamble.

Dynastar Legend Sultan 94 2011
Written by Brian Babcock on 01/05

To “Jester is Dead” Excellent review, and your comments are not only appreciated, they are well written and comprehensive.   Here’s a fun idea for you that adds to versatility. Try moving your bindings 1 cm forward (any Look/Rossi certified ski tech can do this for you, so its done properly) and the 94 skis shorter and quicker, for times that may not offer the powder that we all crave. We often do this with longer wider skis when the groomers and hard pack prevail.

Thanks for your comments.

Dynastar Legend Sultan 94 2011
Written by Hugh Murray on 01/22

Hi Guys, I’m a competent Piste skier but have allways struggled a little off piste in my Salomon X-wings. I rented the Legend Sultan 85 on a trip in January, when the snow came and we had a foot of powder - I changed them for the Legend Sultan 94. All I can say is what a revelation. They handled the powder easily and allowed me to venture to places I’ve allways struggeld with - perhaps they gave me a little too much confidence, as I easily skipped from Piste to Powder and didn’t think twice about heading off through trees. ( perhaps I should have thought a little more). My biggest worry with powder skis was that they would spin out on piste. Not to worry with these as they carved up all the piste run - even the old Olympic downhill at Chamrouse ( Greneoble), which on the third day was well frozen. I’m now looking to buy a pair - probably second hand as new - they are a little pricey, but worth it in my opinion. So if anyone reads this and has a pair for sale???

Dynastar Legend Sultan 94 2011
Written by Jester is Dead on 01/23

Yeah that little bit of extra width makes a big difference, but the lack of sacrifice on the groomers is what makes the 94’s stand out. I need to give the Legend 85’s a go.

$700 is a big ticket price without bindings, but par for the course. Next year both the 94 and 85 remain in the Legend line up, but with new top sheets there will probably be some of the current skis on sale. Dynastar are also putting out something in between the 94 and the Pro Rider (115) which might be interesting, but I cannot see anything wider than the Legend 94 performing on piste.

Dynastar Legend Sultan 94 2011
Written by crawford campbell on 03/06

Skier Height:5’ 9” Skier Weight:205 Skier Ability:expert Ski length Tested: 172

Ski Review: I bought these beauties in Utah after I broke my Stockli Stormrider VXL’s at Snowbasin. My fault completely. Hit a rock in a couloir and snapped the core. Went to the local shop, DiamondGear in Eden. They fit me up overnight with the Sultan 94 and Jester bindings from my VXL’s. Skied them at Snowbasin in old powder, hardpack and crud then at Sugarloaf in rainsoaked hardpack. All I can say is,“WOW”. Smooth as silk. Stable at speed. Great edge control. Crudbusters extraordinaire. If you are an eastern skier who ventures west once a year and want a 2 ski quiver; this is your must powder, spring snow, crud and Tuckerman’s ski. It is such a fun ski! I was skiing in the rain today on rainy crud, carving big arcs and loving the sultans. It was like (sort of) skiing powder in Utah. 10 out of 10.

Dynastar Legend Sultan 94 2011
Written by Faripour Forouhar on 04/05

Skier Height: 5.8 Skier Weight:145 Skier Ability:>9 Ski length Tested:172

Ski Review:

I am 5’8’’, 145lb, level 9 and higher, moderately aggressive skier. Spend 65% of my time off piste (back side) and 35% on piste (front side) on the groomers and bumps.  My present skis are Volkl Mantra (177, 4 yrs old 130/94/116) mostly for west and Blizzard Magnum 8.7 (174, 128/87/113) for east coast skiing. I also use racing slalom and GS skies (volkl) and Rossi bump skis, on occasion. Last week I demoed three pair of skis in Snow Mass. Co., Volkl Kendo (170cm, 127/88/109mm; R19.9), Salomon Sentinel (170cm- 129, 95,121mm) and KastleMX 88, 168cm length (128,88,113mm; R17.5m). I skied each pair for approximately 2 hours and did exactly the same thing with all three: starting with groomers, then wind packed crud, then frozen chunky crud, then steep densely packed large bumps with zipper lines of descend and then super steep EX-EX tree runs off Sheer Bliss lift to the right. Below are the results of my experience:

Dynastar Sultan 94; 172 cm ( 132, 94,118mm; R17 m) slightly rockered tip.

I rented these skis for a day in Killington, last week - different conditions than the where I tested the other 3 skis: Kendo, Sentinel and Kastle. Conditions were typical every day New England hard pack with a bit of leftover wind blow snow off piste from a couple days ago. Here is my impression: this is a forgiving, soft ski that skis shorter than its length (expected because of the rockered tip). Very much like Salomon Sentinel but a bit softer and lighter, and similarly very manoeuvrable and easy to sideslips with slightest suggestion but with less “slippery” feeling. Good turn initiation and control especially on softer surfaces. Where ever there was loose snow/sugar it manoeuvres well with control and made nice turns with stability at high (30-35 mph) speed. It can make nice tight semi carve and semi sideslip turns with good control and it is quick on edge for its width. Better than Mantra in tight spots and trees and perhaps powder. Furthermore, it is nice soft and forgiving in hard bumps; It absorbs the shock well and doesn’t kick from underneath of you, even if you ended up in the back seat. There is however, one significant flaw in this ski. The edge hold on slick surfaces like typical Killington hard pack or some thing that one might call “a bit icy” (not truly icy) is very poor. There is no edge hold, period. Slips and slides easily with little directional control if the slope get a bit steep (30 degree) and a bit “icy”.  Please consider that first, anticipating this possibility, I asked the shop to sharpened the edges before I took the skis out and second, I am an experienced ice skier grew up on East Coast ice and had no problem skiing the same exact slopes and condition, the same day, with my own skis, Blizzard Magnum 87. Similar conditions in other day were also quite fine with Vokl Mantras (177 cm, 94cm under the foot with R23m). Folks, in my humble opinion, this is not an insignificant flaw. Because even in back country, on occasion, I have encountered very slick condition unexpectedly for example in a steep couloir, or between trees even in a place like Jackson Hole, or Ajax where I have been happy to be on my Mantras. You can’t afford a bad slip in a place like that. Now, this surprised me because the reviews that I had read on this ski ranked “edge hold” very high. I strongly disagree with that ranking. The skis must have been tested in soft snow, packed powder or such. Related to the same shortfall, the handling on lumpy hard crud in nothing like Mantra or Magnum. You would feel the shatter and lack of adequate stability when the speed picks up a little. 

Short of this flaw this is a great ski, otherwise. If this flaw could be remedied, even partially, by Dynastar Co. without compromising forgiveness and manoeuvrability too much, it could become an ideal ski! I would think the ski would have to become a bit stiffer torsionally but hopefully not in its longitudinal flex. For comparison to Salomon Sentinel, Volkl Kendo and Kastle MX88 see a separate comparison article.

Dynastar Legend Sultan 94 2011
Written by Brian on 04/05

Tuning is critical on the Sultans and they are torsionally beefy enough to deliver great edge grip. I own the 85 and tuning must be done without fail.

1degree base 2 degree sidewall

Check your shop and their machine to ensure they are capable.

Montana and Wintersteiger machines should be able to handle this but much like computers . . . garbage in . . . garbage out; and a lot of shops pretend to keep their machines in top working order but fail to spend the time and $$$$ required to do so.

Dynastar Legend Sultan 94 2011
Written by Faripour Forouhar on 04/06

Skier Height: Skier Weight: Skier Ability: Ski length Tested:

Ski Review: Thank you Brian for the note on importance of proper tune espacially for Sultan 94. I had read reviews/notes on this regard before demoing. that was my reason for asking for a fresh edge before I took the skis out. the shop in Killington (I will not mention name) has a very good reputation for technical work and they gave me a fresh tune on edges ( I do not know what the base and side angles were) but they did scrape off my nail. Nontheless, I felt the edge hold left a lot to be desired. partly this could be because, i am used to Blizz Mag 8.7 and Mantras, two skis with excellent edge holds (I tune my skis myself) to begin with. some times with ski like that 1 degree base angle could be a detrement and a Zero degree / flat base or close to it with one degree side edge could improve the edge hold.

Dynastar Legend Sultan 94 2011
Written by Major Tom on 12/17

Skier Height:5’10” Skier Weight:175 Skier Ability:Advanced Ski length Tested: 174cm Ski Review: Love this ski for all-mountain Colorado use. Can handle the groomers and bumps just fine, and great in powder and trees. Amazing how well it does on and off piste, turns great and floats in powder. Got the 2011 model on sale for a little under $400, so there are deals out there.

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