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Elan Inspire Fusion 2016 Ski Review

Elan Inspire Fusion 2016

Ski Statistics - Length (cm) / Sidecut (mm) / Radius (m)

152 / 127-78-107 / 11.9
158 / 127-78-107 / 13.3
166 / 127-78-107 / 14.9

Manufacturer's Description

Some ladies like to be the first on top of the slope in the morning and finish their ski day with the sunset. Insipre Fusion provides them with performance for a full day of fun. It is a female ski with our award winning Amphibio® profile which combines camber and rocker in the same ski. Camber assures greater edge grip, while rocker allows faster and more direct turns. This ski is extremely maneuverable and light. Its wider geometry brings huge amount of versatility. Insipre Fusion is equipped with all the high tech goodies: WaveFlex™, RST Sidewall, Dualite Woodcore, ... It is the perfect choice for ladies who like to explore the whole mountain. - See more at:

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Elan Inspire Fusion 2016
Elan Inspire Fusion 2016
Written by Kylie on 04/04

Skier Height: 5’5” Skier Weight: 138 Skier Ability: Advanced Ski length Tested: 158

Ski Review: This ski holds on everything and anything - particularly wonderful when skiing ice or hardpack.  However, it is quite heavy - technology has changed even since 2016 and skis have gotten lighter but stayed stable recently.  This ski is a tank.  You can ski it as fast as you want.  It doesn’t behave nimbly, however.  Square tails and the heavy weight make it more difficult than some to use in moguls and trees, but it’s possible.  I think worst performance is in crud - it wants to carve, can’t carve, won’t float and is very heavy to drive.

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