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Faction Dictator 1.0 2018 Ski Review

Faction Dictator 1.0 2018

Ski Statistics - Length (cm) / Sidecut (mm) / Radius (m)

172 / 114-85-100 /
176 / 114-85-100 / 18
180 / 114-85-100 /
184 / 114-85-100 /

Manufacturer's Description

Grip it and rip it. The new Dictator 1.0 is a carving machine, built like a race ski with a freeride shape. With dual Titanal layers, lay your hip to the ground and arc perfect trenches across morning corduroy or sail over East Coast blue ice. The freeride tip rocker and two different sidecuts create a seriously stable yet manoeuvrable ski that lets you push the speed limit while remaining nimble and quick in the moguls. In the crusade for performance, the Dictator 1.0 is your weapon.

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Faction Dictator 1.0 2018
Faction Dictator 1.0 2018
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Faction Dictator 1.0 2018
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