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Fischer RC4 The Curv 2018 Ski Review

Fischer RC4 The Curv 2018

Ski Statistics - Length (cm) / Sidecut (mm) / Radius (m)

164 / 120-74-104 / 13
171 / 120-74-104 / 15.5
178 / 120-74-104 / 18
185 / 120-74-104 / 21

Manufacturer's Description

Racers are well aware of the super-charging effect of height, so naturally the by-racers-for-racers RC4 The Curv Booster incorporates a two-piece plate that gives the skier extra leverage over the edge. The extra lift all but requires skiers to commit the upper body to the inside of the turn, just to be in synch with RC4 The Curv Booster’s instantly elevated edge angle. Even though Fischer’s Booster plate is two part and therefore less inhibiting on ski flex, it’s still a Power skier’s accoutrement that will magnify an expert’s strengths and expose an advanced skier’s shortcomings. The gain in power comes at a loss of subtlety: RC4 The Curv Booster has a “tip me to a high edge or stay home” attitude that demands a fall-line orientation and a penchant for high speeds. Note that Fischer’s RC4 The Curv has a slightly straighter silhouette than The Curv DTX with a longer sidecut radius measurement so it has a little more downhill orientation to go along with its power-generating plate.

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Fischer RC4 The Curv 2018
Fischer RC4 The Curv 2018
Written by Andy on 06/08

Skier Height:6’1” Skier Weight:195 Skier Ability:Expert Ski length Tested:178, 185

Ski Review:  Great ski.  I’m looking to replace my old Voelkl Super-Six’s with a front side cruiser and these fit the bill (in the longer length).  I found high speed stability to be solid, turn initiation and carving hold good to great, and they were pretty quiet even on some very hard Austrian snow.  The biggest surprise for me was their ability to absorb a bump or uneven patch - something my old skis would not do without wanting to go airborne.  Not sure how Fischer nailed a soft tip with such a powerful turner but they did.  Powder performance was surprisingly good, but this is not an off-piste ski (too narrow and stiff).  Overall, it inspired a lot of confidence, and I was happily cruising at high speed and enjoying the carving ability.  Note:  The 178 felt way too short for me and did not give me confidence at speed.  I’m a 200lb power skier that grew up on 213cm super-g skis so I push them pretty hard.  If you ski fast and are heavy like me, go with a longer length.  These will definitely reward a strong skier with a powerful turn.

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