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Head Kore 93 2018 Ski Review

Head Kore 93 2018

Ski Statistics - Length (cm) / Sidecut (mm) / Radius (m)

153 / 124-87-108 / 13
162 / 127-89-110 / 14
171 / 130-91-113 / 15.4
180 / 133-93-115 / 16.4
189 / 136-95-117 / 17.6

Manufacturer's Description

The Kore 93 handles well even on the slopes. Off-piste and back country feels like home. If you have never been on a wide ski before, you will now. Why? Thanks to its innovative design, it feels like like an ordinary slope ski. But the big difference is that you can use it on any terrain. The Kore 93 Ski is perfect for touring and downhill skiing. It combines the best of both worlds and remains lightweight. Just click in and go explore the mountains!

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