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K2 Apache Crossfire 2007 Ski Review

Model: K2 Apache Crossfire (2007)
Size(cm) / Radius(m): 153/? 160/? 167/? 174/16 181/?
Sidecut: 115-68-99

Manufacturer’s Description of the K2 Apache Crossfire:

"Designed for high performance all-mountain skiers who primarily ski on piste, the Crossfire is an incredibly versatile all-mountain ski. Equally comfortable in long radius GS as it is ripping off quick slalom turns, the Crossfire is a smooth and stable platform for both groomers and crud. Redesigned MOD Technology featuring MOD Monic, combined with the new Integrated K2/Marker M1 system generates massive amounts of power with ease at any speed."

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Reader Ski Reviews of the K2 Apache Crossfire 2007
K2 Apache Crossfire 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 01/26

Ski patrol, ski’s everything, versatile, fun, stable and all in all good in everything.  So good most of patrol is riding them.

K2 Apache Crossfire 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 01/31

I have to say I liked them a lot. Surprisingly stable at speed for a soft ski and very versatile. Less carving orientated than say a 9X Oversize so less fun when you lean on the edges but that’s the trade off you get for being able to do a variety of turn shapes with no fuss.

K2 Apache Crossfire 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/12

Thanks partly to these reviews, I finally got off my straight boards.  I’m 5’9”, 170lbs and skiing 20+ yrs. Went from K2 195’s to the Crossfire 174’s. Could not be happier. I was concerned about the shorter length but for me they skied like a dream. I’m into short, quick turns and they really were easier on the legs by the end of the day. I wasn’t blessed with powder this year, but on the the groomers, hard pack and semi-spring skiing conditions I experienced they truly were wonderful. Hope this helps.

K2 Apache Crossfire 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/09

fast, quick, pretty good in the bumps.  Really good in powder for a narrow ski.  Rips up crud

K2 Apache Crossfire 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/28

I am 5’9’‘/ 155lbs type II skier with serious intentions and abilities to progress rather quickly:) What length would be appropriate for me?

Thank you very much Alex

K2 Apache Crossfire 2007
Written by babayaga on 04/04


I am a 7 feet tall (211 cm) and 250 lbs advanced skier who is looking into buying my first shaped skiis.  Any suggestions ? I found a good deal on K2 Crossfire 181 cm.  What you think? How do you post on the forum ?

Szymon Wozniczka

K2 Apache Crossfire 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 01/26

7 ft tall?  Dude, stick to basketball

K2 Apache Crossfire 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/09

Hi Guys,

I’m an Australian Skier and our seasons are really short one day you may have 25-40cms of fresh stuff the next day its 18-20celcius. I found these skis on one 4 day weekend handled pretty much all types when we arrived at Hotham it had been minus 6celcius for several days and off a warm spell, the front side that was hit by morning sun fine but down through the gullys even late afternoon crunchy to near solid, these skis carved through the crust like a knife and felt smooth. that night we had 30 cms of fresh snow and over the back down the slide off spargos and one tree they floated bit underneath when needed and were effortless to turn. at speed on groomers they are great, they get a bit jittery when you really open them up but hey they are not GS skis. Ive been skiing for 25years all over I think with parabolics, if you’ve skied from straights to them they do take some getting used too. I am happy I bought them a great choice. Cant wait to get back to Japan with them!

K2 Apache Crossfire 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 04/06

I skied on my new Crossfires, 8 days at Keystone, A Basin, and Breck during Christmas and just got back from 4 days at Taos.  These babies do exactly what they are designed to do…tear up the groomers.  It was warm during the day at Taos and the groomed runs were crusty in the mornings.  They absolutely bit into that crust with no effort at all…what a ride!  Sure, they’re not the best in the powder, not designed for it, but they are okay.  If you are looking for a tremendous groomer ski and one that does great everywhere else, this is it.

K2 Apache Crossfire 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 07/07

I’m 15 and skiing is my life. I’ve always skied on used skis, and this year, I out grew my Bandit B1s and finally decided to get a job and buy my first skis. I’ve been researching and I was wondering if anyone could compare the K2 Apache outlaws to these.


K2 Apache Crossfire 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 12/12

Been using Atomic beta race 10.26 and Salomon Scream 10 for the last few years - the Crossfire melts the best of both wordls into one ski, even on the limits.

K2 Apache Crossfire 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/27

Bought them in Feb 2007 and probably have 60+ days on them.  I have been a patroller in the east so we see everything.  I am big, 6’, 215# and at 174cm these skis hold me ripping the groom and cut up crud at speed.  Quick enough to be comfortable in the tight trees.  Had them west 6 days this season and when I found pow would like something fatter, but that is expected.  Handle high speed up to a point where a Rossi 9x starts to walk away from it.  As an all round ski I have been very pleased with these units.

K2 Apache Crossfire 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/29

I read on tese pages that K2 has moved their production to China. Maybe thats why I had so big problems with my K2 A C. I bought a pair 4 years ago that broke in the way that the binding in front went loose. K2 admitted that a small line of the production had this problem. I got a new pair and thought everything was solved, but next winter the same thing happened with the new pair. Again I got promises that this would not happen again. This winter the same thing again. This time I did not accept K2 as replacement and my dealer gave me another brand. The person who wrote about K2 moving to China asked the question. “Would you trust a apir of Chinese made K2 with your life”? My answer is a very clear No. Getting 3 different pairs of skis made for the upper segment of skiers and having them all showing the same problem dosen?t feel very trustworthy.

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