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K2 Apache Hellfire 2005 Ski Review

Apart from sharing its name with the missile system of a certain attack helicopter, the Apache Hellfire also shares the same dimensions as the MACH SL ski that K2 are offering this season, and the same construction as the Crossfire version of the Apache ski.

Model: Apache Hellfire
Size(cm) / Radius(m): 167/13
Sidecut : 110/64/97
Length Tested: 167cm

Manufacturer’s Description:

“Positioned as a versatile all-mountain ski, the K2 Hellfire combines a nimble 64mm waist width with a generous 20mm sidecut. This combination on the K2 Apache Hellfire creates a powerful, quick and stable platform. Sightings have been limited due to the model’s vapor trail emmissions, but the footprint it leaves in the snow is an unmistakable arched trench.”

Ski-Review’s Verdict:

A mix of almost every metal you can think of, the construction of the Hellfire creates a ski with plenty of life and spring especially when the ski is bent during the penultimate stages of the turn.  As is true with so many of the new offerings across the board of manufacturers, when it is skied correctly, this ski excels as a specialist tool.

A thin waist of 64mm and a turning radius of 13m @ 167 makes for a seriously nimble ski – full on point-n-shoot ski that grips to the terrain.  Vibration is minimal, apparently due to the MOD Monic ‘thingy’. (I am yet to be convinced that whacking bits of plastic here there are everywhere whilst slapping a futuristic name on it actually makes that much different.  From what I saw at Zermatt this year I personally think it is down to skis being well built.)

One thing you should notice about the Apache Hellfire is that with these huge side cuts the skis become very twitchy when the speed increases—so make sure you keep them on an edge.  I am not singling out the Hellfire with this comment, but it is apparent that skis in this genre all suffer the same characteristics.


Overall, the Apache Hellfire is a great little ski which you can rip and have a hard time complaining about – made me look forward to trying its bigger brother the Crossfire, as this has less of a side cut and should turn out to be rather good if the Hellfire is anything to go by.

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Reader Ski Reviews of the K2 Apache Hellfire 2005
K2 Apache Hellfire 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 12/03

Would such ski work fine for a beginner?

K2 Apache Hellfire 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 12/07

I’m sure it would work… but a beginner shouldn’t spend so much money on skis, especially if they don’t like it (I’m assuming this is for a brand new skiier). If you already ski but you are a beginner, I would reccomend an Atomic or Rossignol ski… they are great for beginners, cheap price and good quality. You should look into any ski stores around your area and see what you can lease. I myself have an Atomic C-Series 5. Wonderful ski.

K2 Apache Hellfire 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 01/01

Demoed many skis last month. This was the most fun and best turning ski of the bunch hands down! These skis seem to tell you what they aer doing and do it well.

K2 Apache Hellfire 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 01/04

man i loved these at the loaf. they may not be west coast but i need a 2 coast ski. this may be the best ski i’ve demoed in a while. 6star was too much, this was goldilocks just right!

K2 Apache Hellfire 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 01/10

I just bought a pair of crossfires, hoping that they would be the right ski to follow my Merlin 4s that were really good but a little long for me.  Maybe it was the length, but they were hard to turn quickly on very steep terain.  Do you figure the Crossfires will be better there?

K2 Apache Hellfire 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 01/17

I am contemplating the hellfire.  I have a pair of mach s 167 that are worn to the core, but I love them.  My home hill is vertically challenged and I prefer short to med turns, I also have the pocket rockets for deep days.  I’m 5’5 female strong skier 190 lbs with 30 years and 50 days a season.  What about lenght?  160 vs 167 or is the crossfire a closer ski?

K2 Apache Hellfire 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/14

Fun Fun Fun! I have tried a number of skis looking for a great east coast carver/cruiser including Atomic SL9, GS9, SX11, Rossi 9xoversize, Zenith 5.  Well I found it! Hop on the hellfire for some instant carving gratification. short turns or long, lean it on edge and let them go.  Smooth, predictabe, effortless, ego boosting, limitless speed never wavering, always in control. It was just sooo easy. This is the ski I am going to buy.  Although I rode the 167cm ski without a glitch, I may purchase the 174 as I am a big guy at 6’1 240lbs .

K2 Apache Hellfire 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/16

just demoed the hellfire’s at stowe after a 20 inch dumping.  demoed the 167’s on sunday and rented them again for the monday.  had an absolute blast on them, ski’d with a lot more confidence.  best ski I’ve ever used and I’ve been skiing for 15 years and ski on avg 15 days a year.  They are expensive but i think they are worth the investment.

K2 Apache Hellfire 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/24

Having skied for twenty years on my trusty 185cm Olin Comp 4’s (now on their 4’th set of bindings) I finally bit the bullet and demo-ed at Cannon the funny looking shaped things that everyone raves about these days.  I tried out the Volkl 5 star, 6 star and super speed and was impressed at the level of effortless control coming from these new high end shaped designs.  My only complaint was the way they bounced around so much.  I was too fond of my old boat anchors I guess.  Well, at the end of the day, tired and not really expecting to be able to tell the difference from yet another shaped ski I tried the K2 Apache Hellfire.  WOW is all I can say.  They carved even more effortlessly than the Volkl’s but tracked without all the bouncing around.  I fell in love and bought them on the spot.

K2 Apache Hellfire 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/27

K2 calls them “all mountain” skiis.  How do they perform in powder?

K2 Apache Hellfire 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/08

I tried these at Taos and had a great time. They work well in turning and can handle moguls. I liked them as a great all-around ski.

K2 Apache Hellfire 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/18

i just demoed the crossfires alongside my nordica speedmachines, and the speedmachine was MUCH more stable at higher speeds, although the k2s did turn quicker. they rattled a bit during high speed carving.

K2 Apache Hellfire 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/18

Did you demo the Crossfires or the Hellfires (since this is a review of the Hellfires) ?

K2 Apache Hellfire 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 06/28

I have been looking at the hellfires for quite some time now.  From all the reviews i have read they sound like a great ski that rips pretty hard! I am an all mountain skiier but i like to hit some head walls and hit up the terrain park every once in a while to get some air off the kickers!  Do you think the hellfires would hold up well, or are they much too stiff and made more for just speed and carving?  Thanks for the help!

K2 Apache Hellfire 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 01/29

Bought a pair of these at the end of the season last year on the net for a mere $280 - marked down from $875.  Best all around cruiser skis ever, butter smooth, tenacious grip, this from a guy who owns ten pairs of skis, ski 75+ days a year, over 1500 total days on the slopes since starting the sport in the ‘70’s.

Got it in a 160 - a SL length for me - to compliment the earlier version, a K2 Mach S I have had for some years in a 167, more of a GS idea.

Too bad folks keep deluding themselves with the concept of one ski, all conditions. Never will happen.

Look at the Air Force. A Bomber will never be a Fighter plane, thus a great all around ski, like my Dynastar 4800, will not carve hard pack any where near the HellFire, nor will my Mach S, which still has 50+ good days left in them for mega carving at 60+ MPH.

I like the HellFire in the bumps as well, can carve most of them, pivot turn the tighter ones.  Just a super ski.  Too bad it’s gone. 

K2 decided to get away from this kind of specific hard pack carver, which is an 80/20 on,off piste idea, to focus on the Crossfire, more of an SUV ski concept.  Oh well, I got mine, and dirt cheap, thank you, and will enjoy it over the coming decade on hard pack carving days.

K2 Apache Hellfire 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 10/19

Last winter I tried the hellfires from a friend of mine, just for fun, for one slope.. I never took them off, and ended up skiing the whole week on them. These are the best skis I ever had under my feet, they just went all by themselves, completely effortless, which one starts to appreciate at my age (63, woman, skiing 50 years). My friend had to content herself with my Atomic B 5 Metron (a perfect ski on icey slopes, I loved them dearly till then). Now I am totally addict ti the Hellfires, but I can’t buy them anywhere, as they are out of production. Who tells me, what is the most comparable ski in the new K2 series? I found the Crosfires and the Moto Comp, but the ‘figures’ differ to much from the Hellfires to my opinion. Who helps? Winnie

K2 Apache Hellfire 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 12/17

I have been skiing Pacific NW slopes for over 40 years and found new joy on the slopes when I bought some Hellfire’s a couple years ago. Shame on K2 for discontinuing this model after one season as it was the most agile and quick turning ski they made.

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