K2 Ikonic 84Ti 2020 Ski Review

K2 Ikonic 84Ti 2020 ski image

Category: All Mountain

Level: Advanced / Expert

Camber type: Camber

Rocker type: Tip Rocker

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Ski Statistics - Length (cm) / Sidecut (mm) / Radius (m)

163 / /
170 / /
177 / 133-84-112 / 17.5
184 / /

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Reader Ski Reviews of the K2 Ikonic 84Ti 2020
K2 Ikonic 84Ti 2020
Written by Brad on 01/12

Skier Height: 6’3 Skier Weight: 260 Skier Ability: Advanced Ski length Tested: 184

Ski Review:  Mine are the 2015 model, so maybe a bit different from today’s.  I skied them for a full 8:30AM - 4PM day on groomers and single-diamond runs for a clear day after 5” of snow.  It was packed but not icy.

I was an expert when I stopped skiing 15 years ago, so this was my first ski with rocker and I had to get used to it (and skiing again), but soon I was carving & holding my lines very nicely.  It’s very responsive to any adjustment, and moderately springy yet steady.  I could see the ski bending fully mid-turn a bit more than I liked, but for my weight, that’s to be expected.  No chatter going fast.  I caught a few inside edges for a few moments but negotiating that much length, with that much weight, it’s to be expected.

By the end of the day, I really liked it.  I’d say it requires precision and care to keep it going off track, it doesn’t ski itself, but with that attention applied it’s exactly what I needed to support my frame.  It held up equally as well on the groomed areas as well as mixed chop. 

If I could find this performance in a lighter ski I’d jump on it, but for my 260lbs, I don’t think the lighter materials would be as strong.  I like that it’s a single (front) rocker only, giving me more always-touching edge.  It’s a bit of an exertion and after 8 hours of skiing I was exhausted and a lighter ski would be even better.

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