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K2 Konic 75 2018 Ski Review

K2 Konic 75 2018

Ski Statistics - Length (cm) / Sidecut (mm) / Radius (m)

149 / 115-75-106 /
156 / 115-75-106 /
163 / 115-75-106 /
170 / 115-75-106 / 15
177 / 115-75-106 /

Manufacturer's Description

The new Konic 75 is a versatile and approachable resort ski designed to help the advancing skier take their skills to the next level. Excelling at turn initiation and easy to control, the Konic 75 is the tool to develop finesse and confidence mountain-wide.

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Reader Ski Reviews of the K2 Konic 75 2018
K2 Konic 75 2018
Written by Niall on 03/05

Skier Height: 170 cm Skier Weight: 75 kg Skier Ability: Intermediate Ski length Tested: 163 cm

Ski Review: I dare to say the year 2018 K2 Konic 75 skis are already iconic. K2 Konic 75 all-mountain skis are modern in construction and profile, are lightweight, and encourage me to push my proficiency to the next level, while at the same time being forgiving, thanks to the dual rockers. These skis are also very attractively designed and decaled. Highly recommended, if you can still get them, as they are sold out in many shops.

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