Majesty Hypernaut Carbon 2018 Ski Review

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Category: Freeride

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Ski Statistics - Length (cm) / Sidecut (mm) / Radius (m)

178 / 150-118-135 / 18.5
186 / 152-120-137 / 20.9

Manufacturer's Description

This new, state-of-the-art 3D ski construction lets you take your powder skiing to entirely new places even if you have to get there through hard packed, sketchy terrain. Majesty’s inspiration comes from the science of hydrodynamics, speed boat construction and the fluidity of surfing. These groundbreaking skis are equipped with the traditional poplar/ash wood core that they combined with the latest carbon fiber technology and defined structural elements- specifically the convex 3D brim on the tips, and 3D concave V-channel on the tails.

Hypernaut are the next generation big-mountain skis that have been engineered with a noticeably shorter tail than the traditional big-mountain skis. This shorter flat tail has been reshaped into a swallowtail with inserted V-channels that let you maintain all the power and control, while enabling even more float and maneuverability. Hypernaut offers varied levels of hold depending on whether you want to slide, drift, need some hold or maintain firm grip for fast downhill shredding. On hard packed snow, due to the longer effective contact edges and independent flex of the swallowtail, the skis deliver improved hold and maximum grip all the way through the side to side turns. In powder, the V-channel reduces drag and skiers will experience exceptional freedom and dynamic planing speed right from the get go.

The notable extension of the effective contact edges enables freeskiers to Go-Big with shorter and lighter skis. Moving the skier back enables quicker turns and delivers more versatile big mountain powder skis. Although it was designed for high performance big mountain shredding, the Hypernaut is surprisingly easy to ski in variable conditions.

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