Movement Revo 86 2018 Ski Review

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Ski Statistics - Length (cm) / Sidecut (mm) / Radius (m)

169 / 136-86-117 / 14
175 / 136-86-117 / 14
181 / 136-86-117 / 15

Manufacturer's Description

The Movement Revo Carbon Titanal needs to be tamed because of its intrinsic rigidity at the tail and underfoot. A hard point very quickly makes itself known as soon as you lean back slightly. It isn’t easy to manage because the ski quickly over steers. Otherwise when you carve and use the edges it grips well and stays in the curve.

It bites the edges easily and you can play with angulation. It is reactive at high speeds.

The Movement produces the same quite long radius. It is filled to bursting with energy. A bit too much actually for someone of a smaller stature… and it isn’t made for going slow. The problem comes from its irregular flex with a hard spot. In its favor we did ski with the very first series and so maybe it’s been corrected since.

Off piste it skis well and is still energetic and reactive. Its structure nevertheless sends vibrations up the legs. A demanding beautiful ski but not suitable for just any type of skier: you need skill and strong thighs!

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