Nordica Dobermann GS R 2006 Ski Review

Having just skied the Slalom version of this ski, the Dobermann GS R had a lot to live up to. Once again I had some serious trouble slowing down when on an edge…

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Model: Nordica Dobermann GS R
Size(cm) / Radius(m): 176/? 181/? 186/? 191/? 193/?
Sidecut: 107-65-94

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Ski-Review’s verdict:

I’d have loved to have been able to try these on firm good snow or a race piste. In the slush they had a tendency to break away if you forced the turn. Obviously not a ski for soft snow lower down in the slush it became interesting (to say the least) to go at higher speeds.

This is a good ski for the lighter or female GS racer who likes a softer ski; it just didn’t seem to be push’able with my ample size. I still enjoyed my time on it, there is so much stability at very high speeds you can’t help but feel safe on them in good conditions.

What ever you do with these skis they will be an extremely good work out!

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