Nordica Dobermann SL 2005 Ski Review

A slalom ski from Nordica with all the pizzazz, bling and sparkle that we have come to expect, and all that has been left over from when Benetton were the force behind the now distant Kastle.  But how does the Dobermann SL perform?

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Model: Dobermann SL
Size(cm) / Radius(m): 150/12 155/13 165/14
Sidecut : 112-64-97
Length Tested: 165cm

Manufacturer’s Description:

“Athletes, high level skiers, ski instructors who want the reference ski in slalom.”

Ski-Review’s Verdict:

Let’s get one thing down on paper before I continue, the Nordica Dobermann SL is a ski which does everything one might expect from a ski in this class.  All the characteristics of a high pedigree racer and nothing quirky to report on.  In the right hands (or should that be on the right feet?) and this ski will perform most adequately.  Even with a rather slim tip and tail compared to others in the market at the moment.

However – what makes this ski so interesting to me is that even with my background, it is very clear to see that the Dobermann is user friendly to its own intended – as well as the ‘plateau’ beneath it. 

All the hype surrounding higher level skis is annoying to more than just me.  Descriptions such as “Expert to Racer only” do everything to dispel skiers looking for a ski to take them to the nest level and shift more of the mid range series with an gimmicky tag such as PRO, XL, or some other catchy marketing tagline.  The Dobermann proves where it counts (on the snow not in a catalogue) that if you are not the ‘best’ skier on the slopes but are proactive in wanting to get better on the groom then a ski like this will help.  Even if Nordica’s description does the same as all the others, hopefully reviews like these will go someway to helping.

The Dobermann will ski as instructed – it will allow itself to be pushed and in the same breath it will be forgiving to those still a little unsure or not so experienced and subtly help them up the curve.  When your instructor decides to take it to the next level, the Dobermann will be there and respond to your new technique and give you feedback and performance to let you know its working.


Great ski with the potential to be marketed to more groups than it probably will be.

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Nordica Dobermann SL 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 11/20

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