Nordica Hot Rod Jet Fuel XBS ALU 2007 Ski Review

Nordica Hot Rod Jet Fuel XBS ALU

Model: Nordica Hot Rod Jet Fuel XBS ALU (2007)
Size(cm) / Radius(m): 170/16.7 178/18.4 186/20.1
Sidecut: 126-84-112

Manufacturer’s Description of the Nordica Hot Rod Jet Fuel XBS ALU:

"Made for expert all-mountain skiers, the JET FUEL has an 84mm waist to propel you through crud or powder with little effort, but still hold a tough edge on the hard packed goomers."

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Nordica Hot Rod Jet Fuel XBS ALU 2007
Nordica Hot Rod Jet Fuel XBS ALU 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/23

Just skied both of these out in Copper. Found the Jet Fuel somewhat stiffer than the Afterburner, but offered a smoother ride. However, it was not as forgiving as the Afterburner, which I personally enjoyed much more. I am a level 8+, 185 lbs and 6’. Demoed both models in a 170 cm. Both great in high speed GS groomers. Both excellent in crud, as well.

Nordica Hot Rod Jet Fuel XBS ALU 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/07

skis groomers as well as crud. great high speed stability. rail on hard pack, love the fresh groomed. gotta stay on top of them or go for an unpleasent ride. expert and in shape, try a pair..I’m, 5’ 10” 195 and have 178’s. highly recommended.

Nordica Hot Rod Jet Fuel XBS ALU 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 04/14

I?ve been skiing in Colorado with the Jet Fuel for two seasons, about 30 ski days, I?m a very solid intermediate and I use the 178?s.  These skis are really in their element with medium depth powder, excellent at busting through crud and very nice on groomed runs as well. I was looking for a fast GS ski and these were not disappointing. They are a solid, fast, quiet, highly damped ski. I had to raise my game to get the full potential out of these skis. They are a bit heavy and did I say they were fast? These are not beginner skis, they demand your full attention when pushing them to their intended potential and to have a solid day of fun you need to be in good shape and an above average skier. For those slightly out of position moments, I find the bindings and ski construction very helpful in getting back into position both forward and back. You can carve some repeated tight turns with the Jet Fuel but you will have to work at it since they will slightly protest and the same goes for the more advanced bump runs. If you have a full day or tight turns and bumps with these skis, you will sleep fine that night. Let the skis point down hill and take their natural arc and a smile will quickly appear on your face and you will go into GS nirvana, very fun. When I switched to these skis, runs I had taken many times before suddenly changed and I started launching off of ridges and bumps that I never did before. I used to be somewhat hesitant in very rough busted powder but not with these, they cut through that stuff like a hot knife and inspire me to push harder. Find some groomed blues and especially blacks and you can absolutely tear it up. They are not the best for ice but are fine on the occasional icy patches. Overall, a great ski for or anything but the very tight maneuvers and very aggressive bumps. 

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