Raccoon L’Empreinte 2018 Ski Review

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Ski Statistics - Length (cm) / Sidecut (mm) / Radius (m)

171 / 137-90-125 / 15
178 / 137-90-125 / 16

Manufacturer's Description

Nothing can stop these skis. From the steepest groomers to the thickest of forests, you’ll be tracking it all. Its larger waist and tip rocker make it stable and versatile. Designed to tackle both icy runs and powder days, this is your everyday go-to ski. With a powerful maple core, l’Empreinte is built from the same forests that you’ll be shredding.

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Raccoon L’Empreinte 2018
Raccoon L'Empreinte 2018
Written by Andrew on 09/16

Skier Height: 6’2” Skier Weight: 185 lbs Skier Ability: expert/instructor Ski length Tested: 178

Ski Review: I ordered a pair because their maple wood core and because as a business owner myself I prefer to support other small independent companies. A really good all-around ski and one of my favorites that I have had over the years. I skied my Raccoons in a wide range of conditions - France, Japan, Pacific Northwest, and Canadian Rockies… this ski has turned out to be the most versatile. I went with the extra stiffness of the titanium version which rips the groomers and holds icy conditions. Does great in light powder and even relatively deep stuff (if steep). For heavy wet powder (Japan/ coastal BC) it’s a bit stiff so pushes a lot of snow causing the ski to give you a heavy workout on those days… but for 90% of the ski season the L’emperinte is my favorite ski!

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