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Rossignol Zenith Z76 Oversize TI 2011 Ski Review

The brand new Zenith Z76 (Avenger 76 in the US) is simply class act for grip and control all wrapped up in a 60:40 on/off piste all mountain package.

Rossignol Zenith Z76 Oversize TI 2011

Ski Statistics - Length (cm) / Sidecut (mm) / Radius (m)

154 / 127-76-108 / -
162 / 127-76-108 / -
170 / 127-76-108 / 13.5
176 / 127-76-108 / -

Manufacturer's Description

The all-new ZENITH Z76 TI is an ultra modern 60/40 frontside/backside ski. Designed for expect skiers that love carving it up on the piste but want the stability of a wider waist. This powerful ski is made with two layers of Titanium sandwiched around a wood core with vertical sidewalls. Add the new IPS concave profile and all-mountain tip, and the Zenith Z76 will knife it on the hardest snow and ride silkily smooth on the roughest terrain.

Note: The Rossignol Zenith is known as the Rossignol Avenger in some markets.

Ski Review's Verdict:

The Zenith Z76 Oversize (in the US you’ll buy this ski as the “Avenger” rather than the Zenith) is a well balanced ski that gives an easy turn initiation and solid handling, delivered by a Woodcore with twin titanium layers in the construction. The VAS (vibration dampening) does its work when taken on the hard pack with the IPS H Concave making all the applied forces go directly to the sidewalls and your edges and as you turn this ski you get rock solid stability through out.

Perfect for the expert skier who’s heart is on the piste but likes a wander from time to time. Loads of fun without always working hard work backed up with good grip and control. Nice waist and solid construction. Not so good on the wider arcs.

NB: The Zenith range is branded as “Avenger” in the US. Therefore the Rossignol Zenith 76 Oversize is equal to the Rossignol Avenger 76 Oversize.

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Rossignol Zenith Z76 Oversize TI 2011
Rossignol Zenith Z76 Oversize TI 2011
Written by peter byrne on 03/08

Skier Height: 5ft 10 Skier Weight: 90kgs Skier Ability: not bad Ski length Tested: 162 cm

Ski Review: Skiing 14 years and these skies are the best pair I have ever had . Fantastic in the short turns loads of grip .  The King of skies

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