Salomon Crossmax 10 2004 Ski Review

The Salomon Crossmax 10 (and siblings) is now a few seasons old, having been through a few incarnations since its first appearance.  You see a plethora of them in lift queues, and they can be easily spotted whilst being skiied down the mountain thanks to a colourful and distinctive design.  Categorised under ‘ski cross’ how do the Crossmax 10 perform for the average punter?

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Piste, All Mountain

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Ski Statistics - Length (cm) / Sidecut (mm) / Radius (m)

165 / 108-65-98 / 14
175 / 106-66-98 / 17
180 / 106-66-98 / 18
185 / 106-66-98 / 19

Manufacturer's Description

For technical, performance-carving skiers who lover to link prefect carved turns.

Ski Review's Verdict:

With the popularity of Salomon and the sheer number of skis seen on the mountain, it cannot just be a good marketing team and snappy designs which sell. The skis must actually perform right? Well yes and no. I expected more and these quite simply did not deliver. Sorry for being vague but I can name half a dozen skis which fall under this category which knock the spots of the Crossmax range. Yes they are popular and perform well, and yes they are endorsed by top professionals and seen a lot on the sport channels. But you are not going to buy a ski because its worn by 70% of the racers are you? Well I hope you are not in any case. Anyway back to business! On the piste they perform well and hold a steady line in mid sized arcs. Their weight means if you are feeling energetic you can have a lot of fun off the side of the piste and even in the bumps. In fact turn initiation is pretty much effortless and you will come to love these skis for that. They are stiff but not too stiff (that makes no sense but it is hard to explain hence the mince with words) and are really about one thing and one thing only. Fun, and lots of it, but to push these any further requires a temperament to match. If you are at the intermediate stage and do not intend, or do not get to ski enough to increase your ability, then these will keep you smiling for years. Conclusion? Past the colourful graphics, these are just another pair of piste carvers with nothing discernable to distinguish them from anything else. However, if thats what you want then there is no reason to discourage you from purchasing a pair. They certainly look better than anything else out in this area. Final word, go for the 165 model as a slightly wider tip and thinner waist gives it a bit more va va voom in the turns.

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Salomon Crossmax 10 2004
Salomon Crossmax 10 2004
Written by Brian Babcock on 08/01

Length skied, 180cm. Without reservation, the easiest ski in this category. Tolerates stance and balance mistakes like it?s your grandmother. FORGIVING like you dream about. There is some (more than a little) negative tip drift in big high speed arcs, but that?s to be expected from this type of flex pattern. (Torsionally softer shovel and tail) Just stand on ?em and go. BUT don’t let them get too far outside you unless you’re doing a study on “understeer”

Salomon Crossmax 10 2004
Written by Ski Review Guest on 11/11

The pros you are talking about are on regular GS LAB skis with Crossmax graphics only.

Salomon Crossmax 10 2004
Written by Ski Review Guest on 01/10

I have about 80 days on a pair of Crossmax pilot 10s.  Bumps, crud, steeps, powder, cruisers, you name it.  Big turns, little turns.  They are solid and stable.  I’m an expert all mountain and big mountain skier and I love them.  There is a reason we see so many PSIA ski instructors in Colorado using these boards.

Salomon Crossmax 10 2004
Written by Brian Babcock on 01/14

By your own words, bumps, powder, crud, steeps etc, with no mention of edgehold when the snow is a pale shade of blue. Salomon has changed for the better for 06. They have addressed their shortcomings, and revamped their line. So your “butt” can be even happier. Pilot systems will eventually go away and take there rightfull place with Besser and Cubco. By the way, on a personal note regarding the X Max line, a lot of EXAMINERS are NOT on them but they are easy to nice demos of lesson material at lower levels.

Salomon Crossmax 10 2004
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/02

In referring to the quality of the construction of this ski I got one word for you “GARBAGE”.  I work at the largest used ski vendour in France and we have lots of Crossmax?s, or as we like to refer to them “Crossmerde”.  At least half of them have their topsheets unglueing, and all of them are soft as noodles after only one season of use.  Not to mention the prolink system which is only good for breaking.  My advice to anyone is stay away from these pieces of s**t, and save yourself the 750?, your better off with your old straight skiis.

Salomon Crossmax 10 2004
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/25

Salomon must not pay much attention to good quality control.

FIrst of all I would like to say the Crossmax 10 offers a fun and exhilirating ride but I am finding some of the comments I hear about poor construction realted to Salomon seems to be true(at least in my case). This is my first time on Salomon skis and I am dissapointed not in the performance but the crappy QC. This will be the first and last time I go with Salomon.

I purchased a pair pre-season promotion from the local ski shop about 6 months ago. Came with bindings.

Everything was fine untill about early February then I started noticing cracks in the tip area. Last week while out at Whiteface in NY I noticed on the lift when looking down at my skis that a dime-sized chunk had been somehow scraped off the upper left corner and exposed the dark topshelf. How this happened I dont know. I do not abuse my skis or throw them around and am pretty careful about these things.

I have also noticed that since November when I first went out that the skis have seemed to have lost some of the ‘pop’ and are getting more flimsy and rickety at speed. This is not in my head and I distinctly notice the change. Its like all of a sudden I have on a pair of scratched up rentals thsat haven’t been tuned in 3 years. I took the skis in for tuning and a wax. The tech said he has no idea how the ski could have been damaged in that way as it is a rather bizarre place for the plastic to come off and he had never seen that before.

After the tuning the skis seemed to be more smooth but just as floppy at high speed. Its like the stiffness has been abated somehow and they are now less rigid.

Skis are under warranty for a year. The shop I bought them from is jacking me around telling me I have to go through Salmon to get things rectified.  They are going back. I do not want a repair or new set. I just want my money back.

Never Again

Salomon Crossmax 10 2004
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/11

I have skied in the world cup and am a professional racer and I would like to say this ski is probably one of the best made.

It turns very good and goes fast especially when you are going over little hills on the terrain. It also is fun to use on the jumps in the terrain parks.

I would reccomend it to others who like to go fast and also have a ski that has precise control over the turning radeus.

Salomon Crossmax 10 2004
Written by Ski Review Guest on 01/14

I have used ‘conventional’ skis (Volkl P10 SL’s etc)  for the past few years and hired a pair of Cross’s last winter.

I didnt know what to expect, but I just found them a little dull, they do what you want when you want, but they dont enspire you to push harder and faster.  The edge rebound isnt there at all, and they dont like high speed turns what so ever (you have to initiate the turn more than once!)

Overall for avg piste skiers I would say theyre not bad, but being an ex racer having skied more demanding skis they were just a bit dull

Salomon Crossmax 10 2004
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/06

Good ski’s :  POSITIVES : very capable when going fast, good off piste, good on piste carves (small and large) sharp turn in, low levels of tip flutter at speed too.  NEGATIVES : A little heavy

Salomon Crossmax 10 2004
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/11

I use to ski on Volki 30SL and I love these skis. This season I got the pair of Crosses 10 pilot. They are great skis. If you have enough energy you can push them quite far, but for “every day” skiing they perform flawlesly. Had no problem with quality so hard to say if the whole line has problems or just some bad ones.

Salomon Crossmax 10 2004
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/01

Nearly broke my wrist after the small metal hook that attaches the heal-plate to the binding system snapped off in the middle of a mogul run. It was my first pair of Solomons and my last.

Salomon Crossmax 10 2004
Written by Ski Review Guest on 12/29

I got the 180s and they’re the first pair of skis I’ve loved since my old straight 190 rossi’s.  They’re stable at high speeds, which I love, yet can handle the off piste too.  I demo’d at least a few dozen different high performance skis over a couple of years, all of which I hated, prior to finding these.  160cm length was recommended for my height/weight (5’4”/125#) but I found the shorter length boring and rattley with speed, so I went longer & love them.  I have skied on them 5 seasons now & still love them.  No problems with quality as some others mentioned.

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