SGN Togga Carbon 2018 Ski Review

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Category: Freeride, Touring

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Ski Statistics - Length (cm) / Sidecut (mm) / Radius (m)

176 / 132-120-127 / 30
186 / 133-120-128 / 30
194 / 134-120-129 / 30

Manufacturer's Description

It all started with Togga. A ski designed to give the ultimate skiing experience in the steep and deep mountain sides surrounding Sogndal. SGNskis first ski became an instant hit among local freeriders with its uncompromised powders skiing abilities.

Much of the best deep snow is found when touring, exploring mountains far from lifts and resorts opens up endless possibilities of untraced lines. That is why SGN’s made the original Togga lighter, much lighter. And so, the Togga Carbon was born.

The shape is the same as the Togga. Reverse camber in combination with generous taper in tip and tail makes for an incredibly playful and maneuverable ski. Reducing the relative width of the front end and the tail makes quick turns in the woods much easier. The reverse camber will provide superior flow under all conditions. In order to retain stability in high speed, the ski has a relatively long turning radius and a low height of the front end which contributes to dampening of vibrations.

The core however is quite different and they have used SGN’s experience with the Hurrungane series in order to build a very light ski that still has great skiability with good dampening characteristics. The result is a fun, fast shredder of a light ski. Get the Togga Carbon now and go get that pow!

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