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Stockli Laser GS 2005 Ski Review

A few days had passed in Zermatt and by the time I got down the list to the Stockli Laser GS I knew the rep quite well.  He said he had a treat for me and handed me his very own Stockli Laser GS!  He had been tuning them all the previous day - I felt honored - and keen to make use of what I had been entrusted with.

Model: Laser GS
Size(cm) / Radius(m): 168/18.1 174/21.1 180/21.2 186/22.7 192/24.4
Sidecut : 103/64/88

Manufacturer’s Description:

"Ski for the highest standards.  Serial production of the original world cup ski."

Ski-Review’s Verdict:

First impressions were not dissimilar to the Laser SL, apart from the visual change where the vivid blue had been replaced with a deep red.  I always thought green was the colour of envy…

Up the lift, down the first run and once again I found myself shaking my head in disbelief at just how remarkable both Stockli and these skis are.  The Stockli Laser GS are right up my street—a true race thoroughbred.

Super edge hold, speed which will push many to their limits, pinpoint accuracy and blink and you will miss the transfer from one edge to another.  Stability seems second to none, even my old Dynastar course 64’s, and they will gracefully hold a line through even Super G turns.

The Laser GS, like its slalom counterpart, is a ski which need only be skied by those serious about taking full use of the tool they possess.  Old fashioned skiers will need to completely change their style to adapt to the Laser way of thinking.  You will need every ounce of concentration - fully committing to every move.  The feeling of exhilaration through the final gate or the bottom of a piste will make it more than worth the effort - trust me.  Watch the pro’s first hand or on the television, then take these out for the day, come back physically drained but with adrenalin coursing through your body and a huge smile on your face cursing nightfall or the lifts closing.  You gotta love skiing…

I have previously voiced my opinions about manufacturers giving certain skis an unfounded level of elitism by publicly aiming them to “Experts” and “Professionals”.  However in this case, it is more than apt.

These skis are a Hand full! but if you are not sure if you can handle them demo them, and it will be one hell of an experience.


As I have said before, when you buy Stockli you by the same specification the World Cup racers use. 

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Stockli Laser GS 2005
Stockli Laser GS 2005
Written by targhee on 09/01

I beg to differ.  I am a 58 year old skier with 40 years experience and a limited masters racing background.  My reactions certainly are not what they were when when I was 20, but I ski faster and with more agressiveness today than at any time in my skiing career.  As much as I’d like to believe othewise, it ain’t me—it’s the ski!  I’ve owned everything from ancient Heads to Atomic race stock skiis, and the Stockli’s are light years above anything else an ordinary mortal can acquire.  They are at least as forgiving as rack skiis labeled “race”, and will make a better skier out of anyone willing to put the ski on edge and commit to a dynamic carved turn.

Richard Elder

Stockli Laser GS 2005
Written by Utahtreeskier on 01/18

I have a similar report on the Laser GS?s as the 58 y/o gentleman above. I am turning 50 this year, 5? 8? at 160 lbs. I have the ?05 model at 180cm in length. My racing experience is even less than his, but I completely agree that these skis are not difficult to manage. Yes, I do find myself concentrating a little harder and planning ahead a bit more than my other skis. And no, I would not recommend these skis to a solid intermediate, but they won?t bite you if you make small mistakes in balance and weighting. My first impression of the ski was that the turning radius was larger than anything I had ever skied. This was a little unsettling for the first run or two. So I skied them faster and drove them harder in the turns and I was pleasantly treated to very controlled and very stable higher speed carving experience. No chatter what so ever. After a full day of ripping groomed hard snow with virtually a first morning chair and a last afternoon chair day and only a 15-minute break for lunch, I was disappointed that I had to call it a day. The skis were amazingly controlled as the conditions warmed a bit and as the snow deteriorated from fresh cold groomed to warmer, choppy and irregular. The skis were committed to holding their line. This is a big ski with high-speed carving designed into it with a mission to provide a skilled operator control at the limits, but like a Ferrari, you can drive it around town without launching yourself into the side of J. C. Penny?s. ~ Eric

Stockli Laser GS 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 12/25

i ski on my college team on the east coast so the course is usually a sheet of ice before it gets slipped and then skied out… keep these babies tuned and they will treat you to an experience like none other.  be brave and set the edge and they will not budge, this ski was made for world class athletes and it definitely shows.  made for running gates or sweet groomers… highly recommended.

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