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Ski Statistics - Length (cm) / Sidecut (mm) / Radius (m)

165 / 134.2-66-96 /
173 / 134.2-66-96 / 16

Manufacturer's Description

Ventinverni is the heart innovative and emotional of the ski collection 2017/2018 and as the name suggests celebrates the twenty years of Vist. Featuring a steel tip cover and produced entirely in Italy Ventinverni does not go unnoticed by lovers of Italian design with its unique combination of the natural charm of aged larch and modern shades of polished stainless steel and can be considered the perfect representation of the Ski chic philosophy. A classic ski all round and without time with lines and materials that make it the flagship ski of the ‘17 / ‘18 collection to combine with the women’s and men’s clothing from the homonymous collection. Wood and steel are assembled with a super technological work with CNC machines while the inscriptions of artisanal production are carried out by very skilled marchers. The production is limited to 20 pairs all numbered which makes it unique and irrefutable. It is equipped with a Vist Speedlock Vist Speedlock plate and Vist VM412 SpeedLock which guarantee safety functionality and ensure the optimal transfer of forces on the snow.

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