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Dynastar Cham 107 2013 Ski Review

Dynastar’s new Cham series represents as much of a wholesale change to a skiing range as you could get without significant deviation or turning them all into fully rockered banana skis so I was very keen to give Dynastar’s Cham 107 a go.

Dynastar Cham 107 2013

Ski Statistics - Length (cm) / Sidecut (mm) / Radius (m)

166 / 137-107-122 / 20
175 / 137-107-122 / 20
184 / 137-107-122 / 20
190 / 137-107-122 / 20

Manufacturer's Description

The New Cham Freeride series features a unique new design that delivers more power, stability and maneuverability in all snow conditions from powder, to crud to hardpack.

Cham’s Levitation Profile is the next generation in ski design. The combination of reverse sidecut at the tip and tail with a long tip rocker, classic camber underfoot and a pintail provides the reliability and versatility to meet the demands of big-mountain skiing.

Ski Review's Verdict:

The Legend freeride range still selling today is a traditional ski shape, with slight rocker but a taper that goes all the way to the tip. The Cham series brings a reverse taper to a Dynastar ski, with the widest point of the ski signifantly closer to the center of the ski and the skier. With reverse sidecut and today’s rocker shapes, it’s very hard to pick your ski length straight out of the rack these days.

I weigh a touch over 80kgs at the moment and top out at 6’0”, freeriding for 15 years, skiing for 25. I own the Dynastar Legend 105, two pairs of Kastle MX108’s and a pair of the first season Rossignol S7’s.

I took the Cham 107 in a 184. 137-107-122 and a 20m radius. Rockered tip (700mm), camber underfoot that runs almost to the stiff tail the of ski and a pintail. The pintail is not excessive in length and the tail

On the piste, the Cham grip is still 100% Dynastar despite a shorter running length. I felt more confident after one run laying these on an edge than the S7 for example but not as much as the incumbent 94. So plenty of grip, a short turn radius making turns that mask the fact these are 107 wide. It was easy and fun to charge around on these, and with typical Dynastar beef combined with the unusually stiff tail you have the a lot of energy to play with when you load them up. If you “close your eyes” to the physical length of the ski, even at 184cm, your effective edge for carving is more akin to a slalom or GS ski, albeit a lot wider in the middle. Crud is predictably a non-issue with the rocker and the ability to power through a range of snow types. Despite it’s stiffness, compared to the other Dynastar’s the Cham feels leisurely and forgiving. The shape never catches at any extremities, and the flat, stiff tail allows some back seat driving without the negative effects though you’ll be rewarded for staying neutral. In softer, but shallower snow the Cham was predictable and smooth at speed.

We had no powder or soft snow to speak of, so I am not going to theorise about the deep snow capabilities of the Cham 107 aside from the obvious, but I was keen to get this early review up nonetheless. It definately looks promising and makes me very excited about trying rest of the range. The Cham 97 could be a great everyday ski not to mention the potential of the High Mountain versions.

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Dynastar Cham 107 2013
Dynastar Cham 107 2013
Written by Bill Kline on 04/07

Skier Height: 6 2 Skier Weight: 200 Skier Ability: Professional Ski length Tested:184

Ski Review:I skied the Cham 107 184 cm at Snowbird today with a surprise foot new drier powder on top of hardpack.  These skis are absolutely the real deal. Before skiing I only knew there was a new series to replace the Sultans/Legends.  I knew nothing about marketing or hype.

In short these skis rock! They kill it! The turn off the tip, the middle and the tail. I am blown away, NOT easy to do!  These are also loose under the ankle, so going across traverses they pivot or carve with ease! Back in Mineral Basin there was lots of old hard snow visible with some new. they were consistent in turns and stable and they held!  On top of Regulator they were steady in icy spots with powder. On the Cirque traverse the would carve or pivot for a smooth ride across rolling ruts bumps and Ice. In those bumps or regular bumps, a touch of the foot would get you straight over or around sides with easy. The response to independent feet rocked!.

then climbed up High Baldy, even with hard snow at times underneath knee deep powder they keep turning.

Then through a curved upper chute between rocks and the bottom narrow chute , I could really layout short or medium turns with aggression and ease!

This is a skiers ski! They hold on variable hardpack with windblown, killed it in the Cirque , High Baldy , and Blackjack. They rock in medium and short turns.

We have a National JR Freeski event here and I spoke with three coaches who had skied them.  They had skied them with pretty much the same results.

For target conditions these are one of the finest and the best in width range I have ever skied!  They are absolutely a powder ski, a big mountain ski and they TURN!  Yahoo!  Also cannot believe how they were in and around bumps!

BTW: I just sold my S7 188 s a few days ago, They are great skis and an easy recommend for powder, crud and spring.  But the Cham is a whole new ballgame.

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